This is the part where I tell you how qualified I am to be here, in this space. But the honest truth is, I am just a girl who has seen the pieces of a messy, broken life...come together. I am a God taught artist who picked up a paintbrush and some cheap canvas and paint on February 12, 2012. And how I got here is by no accident.

I did not go to college, I did not go to art school...I just love to paint.

I sit and think very often how many people don't discover their true capabilities and gifts because they are too broken or lost to see themselves as chosen. It is my hearts desire that each person who visits my space here goes away feeling like they are not too broken to be fixed. Never too lost to be found. And not too small to be used.

Not only is this a place for my art to be, its a place for my words as well. I write about the journey that has led me here, and the life I live now. I am not a writer, in fact I would rather have you over for coffee and curl my feet up on the couch and sit and talk with you for hours, but this is the next best thing.I have a deep desire to know people and their stories. The art helps me to connect to you.  I paint and write out of the overwhelming gratitude I feel to be able to live this life, the gift of so many second chances and soul redeemed.

Painting has awakened my soul. And it has also given me an opportunity to be able to give back in a way I never imagined. From a very young age I knew that what I would go through would all count for something and it wasn't until recently that I discovered all the pain and suffering I have endured was to give me a heart that would break for those who suffer. It is my hope that my art, my words will be used for good. It is my desire that I inspire those around me to walk into their own lives seeing things different. That you would take away that you are also created for something way bigger than just what you can see.

I grew up in a suburb of Chicago. My heart will always be in that city. I am a military wife, proudly serving alongside my husband. We have two beautiful daughters and live a very crazy life. We move all the time, usually about every 2- 3 years. If you would have told me ten years ago I would be where I am today I would have laughed, and then cried. I would have told you that it just wasn't possible. But my elementary school art teacher, Mrs. Pulsifer, told me I was going to be an artist one day... And now I know those words were coming from the Lord himself because there is no way I would be here without him.

And now I believe them both.

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