Wednesday, January 7, 2015

From my husband

If you are a woman in need of hope for your lost or unbelieving husband, please take this in today and praise the Lord with me. Praise him that prayer WORKS. Submission WORKS. God is the only one who can change a person and bring them into a relationship and accountability and repentance. Praying for your loved ones, works.

From my husband....

"I was sitting here thinking today, I know that shocks some of you, and it just hit me today: I have daughters. These 2 girls have been in my life for 6 and 3 years now, but it finally hit me today. I have a huge responsibility here as a father. I say this because I am the first man that these two girls fell in love with. Every boy/ man that they meet in their lives will be compared to me. The chance that they marry someone like their father is pretty great. It is my wife’s job to teach them how to be women. I have to emulate the behavior of a future man, that I have not met, that would be worthy of their love. So how do I do that? How do I teach them what a man should be like? How do I teach them exactly the way that they should be treated by this future man? By treating my wife with respect, love, dignity and honor. I have to do this in front of my girls. They have to see Daddy hugging Mommy, kissing her, loving, and holding her. When I speak to my wife, it needs to be respectful. Any unkind words that cross my mind have to stay there. Only love can leave my lips. These kids are like sponges. They use our words and recreate our behaviors. That’s why I am a firm believer in if we truly want to change this country and change this world for the better, it starts in our own living rooms….but that’s another conversation. So back to these beautiful blond babies of mine. I have to be careful of every one of my actions. This is why I have to….not have to, want to…spend time with them, play games with them, and take them fishing. I get to do this because I want their future husbands to do this. I do this because if that future boyfriend does not, well, they will find someone who does. It is not so important what we do, it is important that we simply just do. Let’s look at it another way because what I was describing earlier is the perfect father and husband. If you ever read any of my posts on my wife’s blog you would see that I am far from that….very far. The old me that loved to drink, Grace saw this. Whether or not she remembers it; I don’t know. Frankly, I am too afraid to ask her. It would be a beautiful Fall Saturday and what would she see. She would see her Daddy watching football, which I still do, but unwilling to do much else. She would see her Daddy drinking from some brown bottle and spitting his tobacco in another. She would see her Daddy repeatedly going to the fridge for another brown bottle. Every so often, her Daddy would have to go to the bathroom. As the day went on, he repeatedly refused to play with her. He started the day in a great mood but as more brown bottles were downed his mood started to change. His words were now all blending together. Mommy keeps trying to keep her in another room away from Daddy. She hears Mommy and Daddy arguing. Is this how a man is supposed to be? In her eyes, Yes. I am the only man she sees every day. So if that’s what she sees throughout her childhood and that’s what she knows of men, that’s what she is likely to look for in a man. I don’t want her with a man that drinks too much and doesn’t pay attention to her. If a young girl grows up seeing her father hit her mother and is abusive, she is likely to fall into that sort of relationship as well. I am lucky to have seen some of my errors. I was too weak to break myself of those chains. That is why I prayed. That is why my wife prayed. It’s been exactly 2 years since my last drink of alcohol. I didn’t do that. If you read my testimony you would know that it was God that gave me that strength. It is tough being a father for girls. It’s hard work but it the best job. Some of you out there are fathers to young boys. You have a crazy job as well. You have to teach these boys how to be men. The men that I want taking care of my daughter some day. How do you teach them how to be a man? By spending time with them and teaching them. You have to love your sons. One day they may have a son and they are going to treat their son the way that you treated them. You have to teach them how to love a woman. How do they learn that? By watching the way you are with your wife, their mother. If they see you treat their mother with love, respect, dignity, and honor then that is how they will treat their future wife. How you treat your wife is how they will treat theirs. My daughters have future husbands that are somewhere in this world right now. I have to be praying for these young men now. Praying that they are growing up in a wholesome family where they feel and see love on a daily basis. Praying that they develop a strong work ethic and a drive to succeed and be an important part of society. Who knows, your son could be that future husband for Grace or Lucy. I am asking you to teach your sons the behaviors that I will try to emulate for my daughters. Fathers of daughters and fathers of sons….we have some work to do.….."
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