Wednesday, October 28, 2015

thoughts on Khloe and Lamar

From my husband...

"It seems like in our country today, we do not want to fight for anything today. I always was taught that if there was something that you really had to work hard for then it would be more valuable to you. In society today, people want free this and free that. I want more money to do a job that doesn’t require a lot of me….I want I want I need I need…Me Me Me My My My…..If something gets too hard, well just quit. Throw it away. Go find something easy that doesn’t require work…It seems like that is how we now treat marriage. If it is hard, too much work, then just get a divorce. On TV, radio, and bill boards they advertise it. They advertise the end of marriage. You can even call the toll free number 1-800-DIVORCE and they will hook you up with a divorce attorney in your area. How convenient. And now we have this famous couple. Lamar and Khloe’. They made a choice to stay. And people are up in arms about it. I have been reading the comments on the article and even comments from my facebook friends. People saying that they are dumb, stupid, Nothing brings a couple better than a coma and banging hookers, and that they deserve the Darwin award….Hilarious….I for one applaud Lamar and Khloe'. In a time where the world makes it so easy to leave, where leaving is the norm, and where you could be chastised publically for making a decision against what the world says…they did it. They are facing so much scrutiny because of the celebrity status. I am happy for them. God wants us to stay. He hates divorce. My wife and I talked about divorce many times. I was drinking every weekend to the point of throwing up in our front yard, passing out in random places throughout the house, not being able to enjoy anything unless it involved alcohol, all while my wife was with other men. We just reached a point where we were like; we cannot get any lower than this. This is rock bottom. Like Lamar and Khloe’. We had to look at our lives and find out what was missing. The answer was easy. It was Jesus. And when we accepted Him into our marriage, we didn’t just change overnight. It took some time. We had a lot of pain and devastation to work through…still doing that…But when I look back, it is a miracle. Jesus worked a miracle in our lives and in our marriage and He still is. Many people told her to leave and many people told me as well. When we chose to stay, people actually stopped being our friends. It was weird. Even to this day when we share our story, people get mad. But our story has helped a lot of people too. There are people, marriages that are hurting out there. In a world that says leave, leave or you are dumb and deserve a Darwin award, there is hope. The hope is not in our story but it is in Christ. And if our story can help you see that then the glory is His and His alone. So I am praying for their marriage. Because I think that they can help so many. I pray that they succeed so that people can see how low their marriage became, how they chose to stay together, and that their marriage blossomed. I pray for this. That testimony will be huge and reach so many. Think about it, if your marriage was struggling, would you find help in a testimony from someone whose marriage was perfect right from jump street. Where they never had to face a problem or overcome an obstacle. Probably not. I am not saying that you must trash your marriage in order to help others. But if you are having issues in it and another couple went through the same thing then you can relate and share. I know some of the arguments that are going to come my way now, what if the husband is abusive, what if he is a danger to the kids, what if your spouse continually cheats and won’t stop, if you have a horrible spouse and they will never change……The world will tell you that its ok to leave, that you should leave, and that you are stupid if you don’t…I say that anything is possible in the name of Jesus. God parted the seas for Moses, He kept Daniel alive in the lions pit, he was with David when he took down the giant Goliath….do you not think that He would not do the same for you. Are you and your spouse not as important? I tell you that you are and He loves you dearly. I have seen marriages that were in more trouble than mine and Lamar’s make it when Christ was called on. The world will fill you with all sorts of lies. Satan is out there ruining the hearts and minds of the people causing them to do heinous things and ultimately dividing families. And Satan is laughing when it happens. Satan wants to destroy families. He makes it easy to give up. He does not want you to call on Jesus because he knows the power that is the name Jesus. And there in immeasurable power in His name. I have seen it, lived it, and am a result of it. It is there. Call on Him and not the world…"

From me...

Somebody once told me that it was ridiculous that God would even care about seemingly small things like sexual orientation or gluttony while big things were going on in the world. God cares about us all inside and out how big or little. That is a fact and biblical and I could list hundreds of scriptures on that. On the other hand, how great that God still cares and is constantly aware of and pursuing the lost, Lamar Odom, while big things are going on. I would hate to serve a God who had an order of priorities based on how big or small our problems are. He cares about every single person, ones that love him and ones who dont, no matter how big or how little their stuff is. Thats why I can trust him. Hes with the broken and the lost and the suffering just as he is with the ones who endure larger suffering. I would not want to follow a God who says hang on...I have bigger more important things to do. if there is someone reading this with something on their heart that seems to be too small or insignificant, I can assure you that its not to God. And your never bothering God by communicating your concerns. Infact, the only way he CAN move in your big or little things, is if you concern Him with it. Dont ever let anyone tell you that God does not care about you or he doesnt want to hear about your stuff...big or little. He is all knowing all seeing ever present, in all places at all times and he loves to talk with you. Now Im done.

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