Thursday, August 6, 2015

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

So...I have been trying to avoid this but my prayer has always been of surrender and growth so it appears that I have an extreme blow of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome since we have moved here but it has got significantly worse this past week. I have suffered with it since being a teenager along with many other chronic illnesses. So here's the deal. God has been talking with me about demons and his word and healing and frankly I don't know what he wants to show me or how but this is exciting. I will walk through it again if it will help me help others heal! For the record, I have an appt to make sure its not something else but since I am aware :* of these debilitating symptoms, I'm pretty sure that's what it is. So while I believe in good medicine and essential oils and clean food , I do all that already and I have been known to put all my faith in those gospels in the past. So this time I am going to focus here. In this gospel. I believe Paul when he tells us that we aren't battling things we can see so the only answer is to first seek the wisdom of God and the Holy Spirit and use the power of the blood of Jesus applied to my body and claim his healing for my own. I have read enough testimonies about demons trembling and running in fear and this is my prayer for all. Surrender into a relationship with Jesus and healing and redemption. I am CONVINCED Satan is threatened by believers who are bold and thus cuts to their very weakness. Makes believers feel weak and powerless and confused . I know what my weakness is...I wont speak it out loud anymore...I am more than a conqueror and wont be bullied into sitting the bench on these last days...

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