Wednesday, June 4, 2014

the sparrow

what a blessing this was.
It was only a matter of time before I painted a bird.
I am going to chronical the happenings from the past few days over here via facebook posts. My family and I have had the great pleasure of watching from start to finish a nest being built, eggs being layed and birds hatching, growing and flying...
last night

"There is something wrong with me!!! Why am I so soft and fragile?? Scott let me keep the sparrow nest on our porch and we have watched this whole thing happen from start to finish. Today was the day and I could feel it. I actually saw the ...babies leave the nest. One fell out and hit the ground hard and I frantically went to get my neighbor who put her back in. Like running down the street yelling Miss Tanya get out here and help me!!!  I am out of control emotional watching this whole thing happen. And there is one on the other side not able to fly yet but still sitting there. She reminds me of me...I got this! I can do this! Holy crap I cant. Its too high...okay im good. Lets go! Oh gonna die. This is happening. So now we have one who is hurt and one who isnt ready. Lord be near I dont know how much more of this I can handle!!!! "  #tweet  #tweet


"There he is. He just fell out for the final time. Oh my heart. A freaking bird. My heart. Lucy started to pray. ..she folded her hands and said jesus heal that bird. Oh to be with Jesus...what a wonderful thing. "

"See that guy? He made it. He flew off into the sunset and is busy living his life. The nest is on the other side where one more bird is still laying in the nest. This guy in the nest fell out and lived... we put him back in. He saw his brother fall to his death and now wont leave. Pain and death and loss is all this guy has seen and has to look forward to. But he didn't see his brother on the ledge on the other side fly free and make it. So he is living his life scared and confused and sheltered in a nest because of what he sees... this is Christianity folks. God has a life of freedom and abundance and beauty if we just step out in faith. When you know God your eyes become new. The scales fall off just like with Saul and you begin to base your life not on what you see around you but who God IS and what his word promises. If you just have one touch of encounter of his love you will never be the same. You will never see the same. And you will jump out of your nest and fly free"


I'm still waiting...I'm still watching and praying for this guy.
In the meantime, I painted him so I could always remember the crazy intense revelation God gave me .
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