Thursday, May 29, 2014


I have a million dollars and I would like to give it to you...are you ready? I have discovered the most important key in my relationship with God...the key that has unlocked doors, released me from bondage and replaced my agonizing heart with hope...


I wanted to specifically talk about tithes right now. I want to talk about money. I want to talk about how I got here for a second because as I type this out I am 5 grand in more debt with a huge smile on my face and a heart that is anchored so deep in Christs love...

It took us a very long time to let go of our money. For a while, Scott and I had just enough, paycheck to paycheck but knew that it was time to let go of the tight grip. We decided upon prompting by the holy spirit, to start tithing...At first it was 20 bucks a week. that's it. And for a while, I felt like it wasn't enough but we did it anyways, I have always understood that God is patient and faithful and he looks at the heart more than the actual circumstances. When you have tons of bills piled up and your barely making it, 20 bucks a week is ALOT of money.

Then one day, I read Malachi 3:10 and my heart was literally convinced that God was for me and that he would be good on his promise. I also realized that this verse wasn't as much about money as it was obedience in all things.

I see a lot of people in my generation turning away from God because it appears to be a set of rules to follow. Rules that may go against everything we have ever been taught and everything that might feel safe and comfortable. But God is different. And he sets the rules not for his benefit, but for ours.

God doesn't need me to be obedient so that he can watch me squirm and grumble and fail. Because literally that is what would happen if I tried to do everything in my own power on my own time. Failure.  He promises that when we make a choice to do things his way, his power is released to us. Its a gift. A free one.

So with tons of new debt because of this art, we decided to go all in. Because God said test me.

We did.

We are still here...but with a new hope and a new trust of a God who is so good. Who is so faithful...I cant come up with enough words to describe it to you.

I want to talk about what tithing and offering really is.

Its a love offering, an outpouring of gratitude. Its an overwhelming feeling of I want to instead of I have to. But in the beginning it definitely was an I have to. Its an act of obedience that will produce amazing fruit in your life. All acts of obedience will.  Just like taking a Saturday to go do a homeless mission or mow fields of greens at church instead of catch a football game...its not an I have to. Its a "I am so grateful that you saved me God, that you gave me this life and this opportunity that I cant even hold it in and keep it for myself" kind of feeling. And there is always a very high reward for stepping out of yourself and leaning into others.

There is nothing I can do to pay God back for the life he has given me, there is nothing I can do. All I can do is give out of abundance or out of lack. Either way, God is with me.

We didn't wait to start tithing until we had money. This is the key to everything in life, with God. The world would tell you that your crazy if you follow God and do things his way, because who gives tons of money away every month when they have credit card debt?

We do.

And the more we do it, the more God grows our faith. And the more we do it, we become more like Jesus and less like ourselves.

Wanna hear something amazing?

My husband and I gave close to 5 thousand dollars away last tax year. That's more than ever. And in that same year I became a published artist and my husband is up for chief at 9 years. But we were faithful in our trust in God when things didn't look like that. In fact our marriage was quite broken and we were in big debt for many years while I personally was still trusting God to make things right. We didn't wait to say yes, we will give money now because we have some. Or, yes God, I will love my husband now because he clearly shows me that he loves me doesn't work that way.

You have to start now. In the mess. In the debt. In the failures...its screaming out to God I cant do this anymore!! I need you!! Help me!!!

he always comes to the rescue of an obedient, trusting, reverent heart.

this post is a little about tithing and a lot about faith.  Its about how a 100 % complete trust in obedience to the things God asks you to do is the key to the rest of your life. And I would like to encourage someone here today to boldly step out in faith in the things God asks of you, and trust him when he says, its going to be okay. When we say yes to God in the things he asks us to do even if they look impossible, its letting him know that we believe that he is the author and finisher of this life. He is it. Everything I have, I am and will be is because of Him, not me.

I want to assure you that even when you question things, God sees your heart. I spent many years trying to be obedient and failing because of my ugly prideful selfish spirit. My "I deserve better" spirit. Even through all of that God still loved me. He still saw how much work needed to be done. And he walked along side of me even when I wanted to run in the other direction.

This morning I had to offer my girls a gift when school was out if they could memorize Philippians 4:13 for me today because I was hearing a lot of grumbling about not being able to tie shoes or put seat belts made my heart sad that they thought they were all alone and the tasks in front of them were close to impossible. I have to remind Grace quite often that she is more than a conqueror in Christ and that she can do ALL things with God who gives her strength. Strength to complete the tasks that he gives her...

let go and trust God with the places in your life that need attention. It may be your health, or your finances or your marriage or whatever it is...God says just trust me. Read my words to you he says, and follow them, I promise I am for you.

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Saturday, May 24, 2014

RAW underground artists show

I had such an amazing time last night at the show. 
I had no idea what to expect but I met some amazing people like these guys.
I feel so uncomfortable filming things, I hate the spot light...even though I love to talk with people. If you know me in person, you would not even believe that about me. I am a serious people person and have no issues interacting with people, but when you put me in front of a camera I just shut down. Its like im not even a normal person. My husband jokes around with me a lot about it and we practiced some "out takes" to make me laugh...
My name is Melissa Lyons and I eat artists RAW.
My name is Melissa Lyons and I eat RAW vegetables...
it went on and on...
So I was grateful for the practice and being able to show my work. Would you believe that I have never shown my work?????
I am definitely going to do more RAW shows simply because I loved meeting the other" creatives." Even the art I wouldn't naturally gravitate towards...I loved the people.
One girl bought a print and wanted a picture with me...what??!!
I love the people.

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Thursday, May 15, 2014


 One day I woke up ready to move outside of my comfort zone and paint what has been most inspiring to me mercy each day.With each sunset, comes a new sunrise, and new mercy. For that, I am grateful.

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