Wednesday, January 29, 2014

"palette paintings"

I'm a little obsessed. Lately I have been really trying to create art that I want to look at. Art that really inspires me. Art that really makes me happy. I remember one day when I was painting my husband came home from work and Lucy showed him my palette and said "look at Mommy's painting, isn't it so pretty??" And I felt that too. I looked at my painting and I thought wow, that is really pretty. I would walk by it countless times and just look. I thought this would really be a great painting. I just always have said from the very beginning that I don't do abstract art. But I have soon found out that sometimes the thing we think we are the least capable of, God says we are the most capable of. Simply because he likes to show up and show off , and because its only possible when He's in it ;)


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