Saturday, December 28, 2013

the prayer of faith, James 5

If you have been keeping up with me on facebook or instagram, then you know my kids have been sick for about a week. It all started last Friday night when Grace woke up and started throwing up for about 6 hours. I counted. 17 times. She woke up and everything went back to normal, I thought okay well that was fun. Now its over...good thing we aren't sick for Christmas!


We went a whole day and then Sunday morning my husband woke up with it, and so did Lucy. Scott took about a half day to be done and Lucy, she just threw up a few times and went back to normal. I thought okay, this is a virus so I walked around with bleach and wipes and cleaned laundry every hour on the hour. my hands got raw from all the washing. But we got through it and on we went.

the next day nothing happened, but then in the middle of the night Grace would wake up and vomit. And so would Lucy. They would play all day and eat normal and act normal and than without missing a beat, around 1 or 2 am, someone would wake up and start throwing up every 15 or 20 minutes or so for hours. I was so baffled and this went on and on. It would skip a day and then I would think it was over but then the next night, vomit.

So long story short we took them to the doctor and ended up Lucy has developed a double ear infection but even their doctor had no idea about the stomach issues. They are well hydrated, no pain, soft tummies, look good, feel good...until the middle of the night comes. We left there just the way we came, baffled, with antibiotics.

So the whole car ride home I kept hearing a voice in my heart tell me that it was evil causing it. That it was an attack. I could not shake that feeling or voice and when I got home I just knew I needed to do something. I felt like a protective mama lion walking around in circles. As we were in the shower getting ready for bed, the holy spirit kept telling me I needed to pray for angels to come and protect them. So I started to pray for angels to come and fill the room. I prayed it all in my head . I didn't speak out loud.

So as we were getting out, Lucy started playing with one of Graces belts. She was swinging it in the air like a lasso. I asked her what she was doing, Grace was getting pissed she was swinging it around. Lucy said, "I'm trying to get the girl." I said what girl????

She said, "the aaaaaangel. there is a girl up there mama."


So now I am 100% confirmed that I need to pray for them again. I needed to with authority. Not as a victim but with the kind of authority that Jesus gives us.

So I remembered a conversation I had with our pastors wife about Christianity and prayer and anointing oil... God has been stirring me up lately into how to listen to the holy spirit and how to get out of my comfort zone so that I can experience all God has for me. I remember talking to her about using anointing oil and how to do it and what I should say and she just stopped me and said, "its really less complicated than you think, just have a simple conversation with God."

So she told me simple things to do and say and I remembered. I had done it one time before but this time God was asking me to do it.

So I got out some olive oil and put it into a glass container. I went upstairs and put on some worship music and the girls held hands. I first thanked God that we are even able to talk to him and come to him with our stuff. I asked him to bless the oil, to make it pure and holy for his use, in the name of Jesus. I put the oil on their heads and their tummies and asked for a touch of healing from Jesus and I said out loud that no evil could enter their bodies, in the name of Jesus. that anything evil coming against us in our bodies or in our home would leave right now, in the name of Jesus. I prayed for about a few minutes more and then I opened my eyes and Grace was smiling big and asked me to hold her. She felt so much peace. I forgot to pray for the angels so I asked God to fill our house with so many angels that we could even see. And I thanked God, for all his was already doing for us.

There was no more vomit.

Here's the deal, I just think that God is waiting for us. Waiting for us to use all the power that is ours because of what Jesus did. We have so much authority to release healing and restoration and love into this world but sometimes we are so afraid of what people might think. Afraid of what people might say if we went up to them and spoke what God was really saying. I cant even count how many times the holy spirit has asked me to pray for someone I don't even know in public and I say no.

Lately I have been saying yes. And I feel the presence of the Lord in my home and in my heart stronger than ever. Like I'm in an army, fighting a battle. That's what this is, here on earth. A battlefield.

I say, lets use our power because we already know we win.

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