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Distraction is the divided attention of an individual or group from the chosen object of attention onto the source of distraction. Distraction is caused by: the lack of ability to pay attention; lack of interest in the object of attention; or the great intensity, novelty or attractiveness of something other than the object of attention. Distractions come from both external sources, and internal sources

My husband and I got into a fight last night about laundry.

Because of that, I wanted to share a little bit about what God is sharing with me about distractions. It all just kept pouring in on Sunday into my heart. The holy spirit said to me, its all a distraction.


Christmas shopping




Christians vs. gay people

its all a distraction to separate me from God, to separate you from God and separate the body of Christ. Believers from believers. To create segregated groups within a big group. Because we simply can not be under one accord if we are separated.

Its all a distraction.

So while my husband and I are fighting about laundry piling up, Satan is slithering around in my household laughing at how we have now become a divided family. We are angry and overwhelmed and distracted.

An unexpected bill comes up, your tire blows out and all of a sudden your ugly crying into the mirror wondering how are we even going to afford groceries this month. ugh. its all a distraction. If God wants us to believe through trials in his goodness and faithfulness you better believe that Satan will do whatever he can to get your mind off track. get your mind off God.

If you are on a diet and you slip up, Satan will tell you how much of a failure you are and you will eat your feelings all day long. Until next Jan 1st.

If your paying off your debt and sacrificing and working hard and then your air conditioner blows up...Satan will tell you there is no use. God isn't there, otherwise he wouldn't have let this happen. And then you will go to target and buy a new wardrobe.

Its all a distraction.

For me, this season, I am really starting to see how my life is full of distractions and I am now understanding how God wants me to handle things. With patience, faith and perseverance. Not freaking out at bumps in the road. Not filling my life with even one thing that he doesn't want me to do, even if it looks good. For instance, I had to bow out of my responsibilities at Graces school because I simply was too busy. I didn't even feel bad. It looked good, I would be a good mom if I did it...I would look good to other moms...but it was not something that God put on my plate this year.

I gave up the good, for the really good. I did it so that I would be a better mom to my own babies and a better wife and a better business lady. Not so cranky.

I would challenge anyone who is feeling cranky or weary or simply ask God what he wants. What are the things that bring me closer to him and into my calling?

What I am called to do looks so different from what your called to do. If you can read that and let it sink into your heart, like really settle into your will set you free. I need to remind myself that daily.

I went to bed exhausted last night...

When I woke up this morning I sent my husband a message...

Im sorry.

he said "me too."

I got too busy and stressed and lashed out.

he said "I got lazy and defensive"

Well then, there ya go, all better.


and just in case your sitting there wondering about how I feel about gay people, this is my heart.

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