Monday, November 25, 2013

the world is full of second, first chances.

I am just obsessed with second chances. I am just a person who loves when the plot changes in the story. When people meet up with circumstances, people and things that change their lives forever. I obviously know that all of this is God because I was someone who was given a second chance. And a third chance....and a forth. But the second chance is the craziest. When people decide that they are so overwhelmed with gratitude for their own life that they simply can not sit back and waste another moment watching other people stay the same, I love that.

I love to watch CBS Sunday morning, it used to be a thing I did back when my husband wasn't going to church. Instead of going to church alone sometimes I would catch a sermon and then when he woke up I would watch CBS Sunday morning....I would cry every single time because this long time running Sunday morning show is always full of heart warming stories. This Sunday I just quickly decided to change the channel over to it before I got ready for church and this is the story I saw. The homeboy bakery. Of course I cry over pretty much everything but I am just in awe of people who just do things. They just decide to make a difference and invest into people and be the hands and feet for Jesus.

This is exactly why my heart is for people who are very broken. Drugs, alcohol, addictions, crimes, sexual craziness...all of it. Because I was that person. I have spent a night in jail. I have had an abortion. I have been promiscuous. I have been a drunk. I have been on drugs.

But then I met Jesus again.

And my life changed.

And years later I bought some canvas.

And now I paint and sell art.

Who the heck would have ever known?

Last night I watched a sermon by the amazing TD Jakes about being FORMED FILLED and FUNCTION. And it hit a spot in me that just tears me apart. About how God made our body, the container with his hands...then he breathed life into us, filled us...and then we function. And I believe 100% that people are made on purpose. God says so. I never believed that until I figured out for my own self what God was thinking when he made me. All the rough spots, all the pulling and molding and all the pains were simply the molding process which then leads to the functioning.

Nothing stops us from what God intended. And I just want to be a part of that.

If I never bought canvas that day, if I never picked up a paintbrush...

I'm just so thankful that God gave me a second chance. That he made me on purpose. For his purpose. I'm so thankful that I can help add to our family income. I'm so thankful that I can inspire those onto their full potential. I'm so grateful I can help people get over their initial fear of the unknown.

I'm so grateful for my second chance.

Twenty-five years ago Father Greg Boyle started working with gang members in the poorest parish of Los Angeles. Today, his program, Homeboy Industries - a bakery and cafe employing former gang members - has grown to become one of the largest and most successful gang intervention efforts in the nation. Carter Evans reports.

A good Samaritan taught a 37-year-old man living on the streets how to write computer code, changing his life completely. Now Leo Grand is looking for a home, a job, and a place to present his custom-made carpooling app. NBC’s Craig Melvin reports and Grand and his benefactor, Patrick McConlogue, visit TODAY.

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