Sunday, November 24, 2013

everyone is welcome.

I had a dream, well it was more of like a God "vision" day dream sort of thing...I have had it in my heart for a while but this morning it was vivid. very clear.

God has been stirring me up the past few days about where and how I spend my time, what I do in my everyday. I felt so comforted knowing that He cared to have that conversation with me. I felt like it was sort of a last minute discipline...a pep talk. Sort of...hey I have all my resources available to you my dear, how will you use them?

So last week, I had a moment where my breath was almost gone. I could not shake an immeasurable amount of gratitude. It was so overwhelming I had to stop and tell my husband in the midst of a routine rock and roll dance party...I sort of looked at him and he looked back and I yelled over the loud Guns and Roses...

I'm happy?

Im happy!

Then I went to the grocery store.

I guess I have come to the place where I'm sitting back in the comfy chair with a bowl of popcorn...watching the playback. I'm watching my ENTIRE LIFE from the beginning and I am seeing how every single thing was in Gods hand. I can see. I can finally see. All the things...the abandonment the pain the suffering...the illness, the addictions...the broken marriage, the abortion...the depression, the anger, the guilt, the sin...

I can see it all as a divine set up for me. I can see now why God has given me the softest most open heart I have ever seen. It breaks easy. And that's a good thing. Because not only does it break for me, it breaks for you.

I laughed with my grandma on the phone last night talking about how we filled our thanksgiving basket for our church with food on our credit card...I laugh at how my heart doesn't care if we have money for anything anymore...if there is an opportunity to serve or provide, I don't care what the world says, I do it. She cried and got sad that she cant help us more and I said oh goodness who cares...I know we will have what we need. We are always okay. I assured her that we have plenty of paintings to sell, plenty of opportunities...

And she said, "I know you will be famous one day"...I giggle. thanks grandma ;)

And it just all hit me. The stirring of my heart lately, the questions from God...the message at church this morning...all the things the holy spirit spoke into my spirit this morning...

I don't want to be famous.

I never have. In fact I want to run so far from that. I cant even stand the thought of it.

I want Jesus to be.

I want every single person in this world to have a love encounter with him. I want everyone to know who he really is. Hes not a political party or a charity. Hes not an organization. Hes not a rule book.

He truly is a savior.

He is everything we have ever needed. He is a second chance. He is life. He is our promise. He is our everything.

He is what took me from drunk and wanting to kill a life. A life full of every thing I don't deserve. He really truly made me beauty from ashes.

So I had a vision this morning it was so vivid. I could see the walls and the concrete floor. There was lights stringing from the beams...and there was a Christmas tree. It was a place where there were chairs and couches and rugs and lamps. There was a hot chocolate machine. There was always fresh brewed coffee... There was music constantly playing. There were guitars laying around and easels set up with paint everywhere. There were places to build things and there was a refrigerator full of water and juice and a place for prayer. There was a grill outside with a fire pit and there were people playing music and people being prayed for. There were souls in a building being loved. There were people who have never been given a shot or people who have talents who never had the friends sold their goods and we made goods and we sold them. We had food always and love always.

And I sold my art there. And the money I made from the art kept the place alive.

And I have no idea how to make this happen.

But God does.

Would you pray with me over everything in my heart right now? Would you pray that God opens the heavens over us and we see his glory? Would you pray that my heart can finally find its place.

Would you pray that even if this doesn't happen for 10 years...that the fire in my heart that I have had since I was 15 would just grow bigger and that God would put the right people in my life at the right time?

I want people who love music, love art or just love a meal and a cup of coffee to be able to come in and stay a while.

If you need a friend, we are here. If you need someone to talk to, we are here...

If you want to paint, grab an easel. Do you need some cash? sell your painting.

Do you want to worship? Go outside by the fire, I think there are some people singing out there.

Do you want to learn how to make wood signs to sell ? Ill teach you.

Do you need a bible? Heres one...

Come and meet the real Jesus.

He is love.

I don't care what the heck you did or who you are or who you used to be or what your doing now...

Everyone is welcome.

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  1. You speak my heart. You really do. So I get it. And I am praying. God has HUGE things for you Melissa. I am honored I get to witness it. Love you!!!!

  2. Praying over God's vision for you! If He gives it to you He can make it possible!!!