Sunday, October 13, 2013

my husband got baptized


My husband got baptized today at church. Lets back up...

We didn't plan on it. It wasn't a baptism service. We were however given time to worship up front and receive the baptism of the holy spirit.Three people got baptized at the beginning of service in the water. we did not go up front. I did not go up front. I usually do but something was literally keeping in my seat next to my husband.

I think its important to share my side of this story which is so completely different from my husbands. I think its important to see how God moves on our behalf, in his time, in his place. So I have been praying for my husband for about 3 years specifically for God to breathe new life into him. That has been my specific prayer. I really have not prayed for anything else except for him to encounter Jesus and for him to capture his heart. Sometimes when my husband is sleeping I put my hands on him and thank God that he is breathing life, new life...and thank him that he is moving even when I don't see it.

 And today when I was praying I felt God speak to my heart. He was telling me that this wasn't the day for me, that I was to stay put and stand for my husband. If he didn't want to go up, I wasn't going to go up.

So I stayed and prayed for my husband for about 15 minutes before I started to feel the spirit move in him... Then Jesus showed up in my face, my eyes were closed and I could hear babies crying around me and people moving and I was so distracted. Jesus said "shhh...quiet. listen to me...this is for your husband. Today is for him, not for you." If you want your husband to lead you are going to need to listen to me first, and obey."

So the service was over and Pastor Ryan dismissed us, but people stayed and we stayed. We stayed for about 10 more minutes and then we left. We walked out to get our babies and my husband stopped me with a look in his eyes...that look. He said he was going to go back to see if Pastor Ryan would baptize him. Holy spirit. Holy, Holy spirit...

So I grabbed his hand and we walked back into church. The rest? I don't really remember too much because I was in shock and awe of Jesus. I could speak really and I was shaking...not even 3 years ago my husband stood in our kitchen and told me that I talked about God too much.

Holy Holy spirit.

I remember he got in the water and grabbed the mike, said a few words, thanked Jesus for all he had done and was doing in his life and these are the photos I took. Im sure I will have a lot more to say but for now, thank you Jesus.

Thank you JESUS.
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