Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I just really love this time of year. We have this back porch where I sand all the wood and varnish all the paintings...and when the weather is nice, I let the girls eat out there, just on the steps. Our back yard is so narrow and tiny but I keep the door open and turn the music on and paint in the kitchen while I watch them play right outside. I can see them out of our huge kitchen window...and hear them ;) Its so nice to unplug and just watch the sun go down and pick flowers and they love to watch the cars go by. I knew that God brought us to this house because he knew that I would be painting there, and that I would need the kids to be safe and not in front of the tv.

People are ordering flags now, like crazy and that means that the Mumford and Sons is going to turn into Lynyrd Skynyrd soon...
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