Monday, April 15, 2013

infused fruit water/tea with the TAKEYA pitchers

*** first of all let me start out by saying I dont get paid to write/review products,Im not that cool
Did you know that it has been since October of last year since I have had a diet soda???? Praise God. I just knew like smoking, that one day I would wake up and just have the power of the holy spirit in me and just quit. I quit smoking 5 years ago but the diet soda was a BAD bad habit. I literally drank no water and would only drink anything flavored. And the reason I had to drink diet was because of my food allergies, I am allergic to corn and everything else on the planet. I drink regular carbonated water and the guys at the grocery store laugh at me every time I come through with it because they cant believe I am actually paying for water in a can. I agree, and I laugh too.

So lately I have been drinking tea. I am a coffee drinker but I have been craving something and I don't know why but iced green tea just makes me healthy and light and full of life. I'm not kidding. So yesterday I stumbled across this product at Costco and I jumped in. There is something about being able to make your own stuff. I just have always felt that products that empower people to make their own choices are the best. These pitchers are a m a z i n g.

For one, they can withstand boiling and freezing temps. And second, they are tall and skinny and can store easy!!! They even make accessories for them and one of them is a thermal jacket to throw on so you can take it with you!!
So I just started small. I am not quite into the herb/cucumber/mint thang yet but I will get brave one day...


you can throw the tea bags into the basket pitcher to brew your tea and then remove them!!! And am I the only one in America that didnt know that they make BIG family size tea bags? These are the things the Duck Dynasty people should talk about...

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