Tuesday, April 2, 2013


 I knew this Easter was not going to be what I thought in my head it would be. There was no church for me, I was in bed sick for a few days and couldn't do it. My husband took the girls to church and ate Wendys for lunch, Happy Easter.
Except an amazing blogger I follow posted a photo on Instagram about a book she had started and I saw it and knew God was pulling me there. Its called Redemption by Mike Wilkerson. What was my word for the year?
Everyone scattered off in the morning and I settled in, locked the door and opened and closed all 400 pages. I knew that God was changing me. I knew that he wanted me to get something, like really get it. Like not just hear the words, see the words, but really really understand what they mean. Easter this year was a time of really understanding what the birth, death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ really means for me. Yes, for me.I cant wait to share everything that I learned. I promise I will.
Until then, I wanted to update about what the Lord is calling me to do here on out.
I have decided to give my first and best (Gods cut) of the business to our home church. Last month was Missions month and God just really captured my heart for the missionaries that we have and support. Each one would come and speak and I just found myself figuratively standing up, raising my hand and saying I'm in. I'M IN!
For the month of March I worked for my family, I worked for God and I worked for Mercy Ships. $184 dollars goes to them, goes to God. Still, I'm blown away at the people I have met through selling the art and what an amazing experience this has been. I am blown away at Gods ability to provide and how much he wants to bless us. We had to go through many years of just making it so that we could understand our priorities.

We are currently the bad kinda debt free. Prasie God. Still have our house and our cars...but the bad kinda debt, gone.

If you are struggling in your finances and most of the world is...hey our country is, we serve a living God who is waiting. Hes waiting for us to realize where our money comes from and how to spend it. We had to take the long road in understanding everything he wanted to show us. I am still a tiny hesitant every time God tells me to give and I look at our account and just want to turn away and pretend he never asked. But I feel him grab my hand every time and just said, trust me. I am your provider...don't you see those birds out there and how I provide for them?? Are you not much more valuable than they? Matthew 6:26

My heart has changed. My priorities have changed. I'm learning to store up my treasure in Heaven. Its all backwards according to the world. Make the money, keep the money, hoard the money, love the money...but Jesus says no. And now I see why.

Praise God.

I feel like I am walking down a path and I am not looking left or right anymore. I feel like with each step I take, something comes off. As if I had on so many pieces of clothes, I was so heavy and weighed down and I was moving slow...I was constantly tripped up, trying to readjust everything for myself. But the further I go into discovering Jesus and his ways...the lighter I become.

I can feel him near.

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