Monday, February 18, 2013

my perfect storm...

A most favorite friend of mine and her husband asked me to paint her something for their new vintage beach home... we went around in circles about what it should be. Abstract? Ship? Traditional? We decided on a few things and I just chose to roll with it.

Yesterday was a day of just sheer panic. Not bad panic but anticipation... it felt like I was entering into a new world. I put my base on the canvas and set it out to dry in the sunshine and I turned on the tv for a moment. There was a special on Van Gogh and I was captivated. It brought me to tears. I couldn't believe how a girl from Clarendon Hills, Illinois , mother of 2, wife...could relate to him. I just never knew that he studied other artists brush strokes to learn and develop his style...I never knew that he started out using no color ,much like me. I am not fond of bright color. People have ordered art from me and forced me to use it... I couldn't understand when they said he had " two left hands". That feels like me right now.

I just feel so grateful to be able to do this. I feel like I am in a dream and it just keeps getting better. I cant believe you buy my art. I cant believe you find beauty in it. Because i am not an artist per say. I have no training in the arts. But I have a much tender soul. I have feelings. I have my God. I have a much different perspective of the world that I used to.

I just want you to know that through the panic, the red rash I got, the tears...I love it all. I love this journey. I have no idea what I am doing or where I am going but I like this ride.

I know who is in charge.
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