Friday, February 1, 2013

February: Help One Now

You guys, I have been wanting to shout to the world what I feel about this group of people for so long now and today I get to. They don't have any clue who I am but that's ok.

Help One Now

visit their website here.

I am just so drawn to this group. Here is their statement from their website...

"In 2009, Help One Now started with one part-time employee. Now, we have close to 10 staff, located in three cities and 2 countries. Our staff is deeply committed to our vision of caring for orphans, empowering leaders and seeing communities transformed - Not only is this a job, but it's also a calling for each of us, and each day, we come to work fully committed to seeing this vision, executed and come to life."

Goodness. Just one person in 2009. Just one. Remember what I said yesterday about just one?

Jen Hatmaker, I cyber stalk you and God has used you, sister, to show me what brave looks like. I don't know how to thank you, other than to do my small part. And its small. But I believe that if a whole bunch of people did their own small part, big things would start to change.

You can find Jen's blog here.

"If we are just brave enough to side with the people who God loves, then he will side with us. Rather than becoming paralyzed by the scope of suffering on earth, we just say jump in! Jump in wherever, imperfectly. Just move..."  -Jen Hatmaker

I love the way this group sponsors kids. Their model for change just blows my mind. They have detailed information about where the money goes, why they choose to sponsor each child 2 times and how that all works for the community. But what I really love about this is you have the option here to choose a child, view a photo and get real personal. Sometimes I think what turns people away from giving even just a small amount is that they don't see what their money does or where it goes. And why I struggle with even that because lets face it, giving is the core of people I think we all just want to connect. We connect to homeless people with signs on the side of the road because we see them. We see the need. And I believe in Help One Now because they are so open about their projects and they way the fund them. When you visit their site and go to contribute, you can choose what your heart pulls you to and feel good about where your money goes.

I always said that if I was able to financially give to this project I would start by sponsoring 2 kids. My goal is to sponsor 2 kids this month. I know this is not the last time I will be backing this group!
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  1. Thanks for investing in Help One Now. Really cool.

  2. What a cool ministry, thanks for sharing this Melissa.

  3. What a wonderful cause!

  4. This is awesome. I always said, make your mess your message!
    So proud of you...

  5. You are an inspiration. Thank you!

  6. You're such a wonderful person Melissa! I am so glad we found each other! :)

  7. Melissa... I just wanted to follow-up on this... I love how you are doing this! I work with Help One Now, and I'm pulling together a blogger team that I can share information and resources with in case you'd like to keep blogging about Help One Now. If you're interested, then you can register here:

    If not, #fistbump for doing this much! It's really cool and inspiring to our whole team! Thanks!