Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A magical Christmas...

I can hardly find the words to describe this Christmas. I guess that's why I take so many photos...
life giving.
all of these things.
My dad came into town, and we put him back on the plane today and I miss him.
Things I will never forget...
egg 'n a hole.
watching my dad interact with my daughter like he did with me...
the prayer you said at dinner, Grace.
"Dear God, thank you for Christmas...thank you for Jesus, and happy birthday Jesus. Thank you for everything, Amen."
If those weren't all the words my darling, they were the ones I remembered and you had me in tears. You still do, I'm still thinking about it.
Renting a car for just a ride to the Riverwalk.
Our sparkling delicious gorgeous dinner Christmas Eve...
The way my husband woke me up to a Merry Christmas, like a kid.
Falling asleep with you, Grace, while reading the story of the birth of Jesus. Watching your eyes wide and your heart open and your spirit in awe...listening about Mary giving birth in the stable...I will never forget the way you just slowly melted into me, tucked into your new sleeping bag and off to sleep you went. Peaceful, just as I pray you do every night of your precious life.
This Christmas was the best yet. My art has shown up on random doorsteps with a Merry Christmas and a pass it on...and my heart is warmed by all the joy and love around me.
I never want to forget it. 

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