Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Our day at the Rodeo!

We went to the San Antonio Rodeo! What an amazing day. Sorry for the photos, its hard to take pics and hold a baby... haha. I should just learn to turn my lens to automatic when I cant do it manually. I always forget! They did a really good job with this, I was really impressed. They had tons of music and exhibits for the kids. And there was even a baby changing station. I had never seen that before. We forgot sunscreen. NEVER doing that again. It was such a last minute trip but we had such a great day. And there was even an art exhibit and I was so inspired by all the southwest art! Good job San Antonio! We love it here!

This is my little cowgirl learning to lasso! She actually took this 3 dollars to the man and said "One lasso please."

We got suckered into 30 dollar cheeseburgers because of this huge burger. We couldn't resist it and had no idea they were that much.

 Grace has been wanting to ride a horse for so fact we went to the rodeo JUST so she could ride the pony. I don't think my husband or I have ever had a happier moment with her. Its these precious moments that I will never forget and they just make my relationship with her so much deeper. Watching her figure out her passions and just letting her be a kid. My heart was so full.

My husband convinced her to say "howdy partner" and she tilted her hat...

Such a great day. I don't think my husband or I stopped smiling the whole weekend because of how happy Grace was. Does anybody in Texas know of anything that involves kids and horses? Grace is just so in love with them.

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