Thursday, February 2, 2012

If I could go back...

Sometimes, I wish I could go back to the little girl in me and tell her some things.
If I could, I would tell her that she was beautiful, smart and talented and her life would count for something.

But even if she wasn't beautiful or smart or talented, she wouldn't have any less value. I would tell her that sometimes she would have money, and sometimes she wouldn't.

Sometimes she would look pretty  and sometimes she would look very tired.

Sometimes she would be overweight and sometimes she would be thin.

Sometimes she would be helping people, and sometimes she would need help.

I would tell her that the world would do its best to make her believe that she only mattered if she was helping people, had money, looked pretty and was thin but if she believed that, she would live a very hard life and never really learn who God created her to be,or never even know Him at all.

And that would be the biggest sadness she would ever feel.

 I would tell her that there is not one person on this planet who could ever fill her up.

Not even her children or her husband.

Not a job or a cause. ..

And I would make sure and tell her that she should never put that responsibility on those people.

I would tell her that she would have a wonderful husband who has a job that would take her to many wonderful people and places, and then take her away from them.

I would tell her to never try to fill herself up with those people or places either, because they too are fleeting.

 I would tell her to wake up every morning and count her blessings before she even took her needs to the Lord.

 After all, He already knows all her needs.

I would tell her that she is to do the most creative and best she can with the life that was given to her.

I would tell her that that life that she leads was designed just for her and everything in it has its purpose.

Even the hard stuff.

And I would make sure to tell her that nothing she did or anything she was would make her any more or any less to God.

I would tell her about Jesus and how He found His sense of worth...

not by what others thought of Him, good or bad, but by the Truth expressed by His Heavenly Father.

I would tell her that even He was rejected by men but chosen by God and precious to Him.
( 1Peter 2:4)

Jesus was rejected by men, those He had created for Himself, those He loved and for whom He laid down His life.

 But that is not what determined His value.
 He was chosen by God, that is what made Him precious, that is what determined His worth.

 I would tell her that when God sent His only son to this earth to bear her sin on the cross, he put a price tag on her. He declared the value of her soul to be greater than the value of the whole world.

I would tell her that according to God's Word, the Truth is that she was created in the very image of God, and that He loves her and that she is precious to Him. But she should never try to love herself as much as God loves her because it is impossible.

I would tell her that she would fail herself everyday but that God still loves her the same and she could never fail Him.
 I would tell her that He forgives her for all her shortcomings and He forgets about them quick.

And she should too.

 Because there is nothing she can do about the past but live in Gods Forgiveness, Mercy and Grace.

And she should never put her value on the mistakes she will make.

I would tell her she would need to lose her life to find it. 

I would tell her she would need to learn to not try to love herself more but accept God's unfailing, perfect love, which is greater than any love she could feel for her own self.

And if I could go back and tell her these things, 

I would go back and tell you too.  

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