Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Beefstew over taters?

 Yesterday was Valentines Day so I wanted to make something special, but the girls and I didn't make it to the grocery store. I am not very good at just "whipping things up" or using what I have but I was desperate so here is what I came up with.

Stew meat
olive oil
beef stock
rice flour (you could use wheat or whatever you have)
salt/pepper/garlic seasoning
red potatoes

I took the stew meat and browned it up in the pot with some olive oil, salt and pepper and garlic salt. Then I added the carrots and onions and softened them a little...then I added some beef stock. Just enough to cover everything and get all the yummies off the bottom of the pan. I don't exactly know what I was going for but I wanted it to be a little thicker so I just added some rice flour. Maybe a tablespoon or two? Then I put the lid on and let it simmer on low for about an hour. It looked like beef stew.

Then I got out my favorite piece of kitchen equipment ( a steamer bag from walmart) and threw some red potatoes in it, nuked it for 8 minutes.

Then I smashed those potatoes and added some butter and parsley.

Then I just put those taters in a bowl and spooned some of the meat stewish mixture I made and there ya go! Wow, it was so warm and comforting and yummy! Talk about inexpensive too. Stew meat is cheap and very lean. It was a great "manly" meat and potatoes kinda meal on the cheap. Try it!

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