Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Our house is officially "on the market" tomorrow...
This has me feeling a mix of extreme emotions. I am only sad because I want the people who live here next to treat our house the way we did. But I am also praying that God does the same work in the new family that He did here. Even though we are renting it out and not still will never be our house again.

I was busy taking photos today, some personal and some for our realtor. Today was the day I realized that God has big plans for us. BIG.

I cant believe that at this very time last year while my husband was flying to Afghanistan, I felt that God has no plans. In fact I felt that I was destined to struggle. I felt as if I would always suffer and that my husband wasn't coming home.

 But he did.

And now we are moving on to the next phase in our lives. I have no idea what is to come but it can only be good, even when there are trials, because God is good.
Only good.
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